inspired by the biggest desert in the world

Sahara draws upon the core of Morocco's diverse nature, capturing the essence of its people, culture and history. It's a tribute to the resilience of generations past, who have safeguarded the secrets of Mahia, known in Arabic as the "Water of Life"—through centuries of tradition and heritage.

Though Mahia is steeped in the rich tapestry of Judeo-Moroccan culture, its recent history has seen it veer down a different path, becoming entangled with illegal and informal alcohol production in Morocco. Determined to restore its rightful place, Sahara emerges as the beacon of change—a premium Mahia with a twist that sets it apart from any other spirit drink. Our mission is clear: to redefine the narrative surrounding Mahia, reclaiming its heritage and offering a truly distinctive experience to connoisseurs everywhere.

Redefining tradition with unparalleled quality

After more than three years of dedicated research and development, Sahara has set a new standard. Prepare to embark on a journey through time with the revival of the traditional Mahia recipe. Sahara honors its heritage by using the finest figs and by delicately incorporating a hint of aniseed, a nod to the original recipes passed down through generations in Morocco. In our revamped recipe, we have also added apricots, almonds and honey—without any added sugars.

We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to exclusivity, meticulously crafting each batch with organically sourced ingredients and the pristine waters of Royal Deeside Mineral water. Experience the essence of Sahara—a fusion of tradition, innovation, and unparalleled quality.

Scottish expertise meets Moroccan Taste

Rooted in a unique blend of cultures, Sahara embodies the vision of our founder, who hails from Morocco and has called the United Kingdom home for over a decade. Drawing on this diverse background, we seamlessly integrated Scottish craftsmanship into the creation of our inaugural batch.

Distilled and bottled in the heart of Scotland, our award-winning partner distillery finds its home in the picturesque landscapes of Royal Deeside, just a few miles from the iconic Balmoral Castle.

Sahara is meticulously produced in small batches, marrying the flavours of Morocco with the renowned expertise of Scottish alcohol production. Each bottle is a labour of love, a testament to our dedication to crafting a truly distinctive spirit that encapsulates the essence of both worlds.

Our commitment to sustainability

From the figs we carefully source to the eco-conscious packaging of our bottles – environmental stewardship is at the heart of everything we do. Our partner distillery exemplifies this commitment by using renewable energy sources, including solar arrays, biomass boilers and wind turbines, to power its operations sustainably.

In alignment with our ethos, our glass supplier adheres to a simple yet powerful motto: reuse, recycle and revive. Together, we strive to minimise our ecological footprint and promote a circular economy.

Furthermore, we ensure that every order is fulfilled using plastic-free and biodegradable packaging crafted from 100% recycled paper. It's our way of contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for more generations to come.

Sahara - a name with infinite possibilities

If you've ever journeyed through the Moroccan Sahara, you'll understand the inspiration behind our brand name. Sahara encapsulates the boundless expanse of potential and opportunity that our world presents. Drawing from this limitless horizon, we've meticulously crafted a bottle design that echoes the graceful curves of desert dunes.

Our branding reflects the earthy hues of the Sahara, evoking the warmth and richness of the sand. Each shade of brown serves as a tribute to the timeless beauty and allure of the desert landscape, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey with every sip. As we say in Morocco for "Cheers", Bessaha!

Making of sahara

Follow our founder's adventures between London and Scotland, where bottling of Sahara took place.